5 Must-Have RC Car Accessories

Driving RC cars is a great hobby because you can get outdoors and enjoy your weekend, getaway, or even holiday. To get the unique thrill that comes with RC cars, you must maintain them in top condition.

More importantly, you will require the right accessories to ensure that everything is right as you venture outdoors. In this post, we discuss the 5 must-have RC car accessories.

1. Starter boxes

Using the pull start of an RC can get problematic. This can be distressful especially if you had driven far away from the main road where you can seek help.

To address the problem, you need starter boxes to start the engine in case it stalls. Note that some cars are more difficult to pull start and the starter box will address the problem completely.

2. RC car tools

  • In the same way you see top racing teams work with diverse tools, it is important to be prepared to handle any issue with the car. On top of the standard toolbox, make sure to have the following:
  • The magnetic balancer: This is used to balance moving parts such as wheels before you can hit the read.
  • Gear puller: This tool helps to avoid stripping the car screws.
  • Temperature gauge: To avoid burning when turning the engine on, you should use a temperature gauge.
  • Tool Pouch: This is an important bag to store all the tools properly organized.

3. Glow Plugs

If you find that the car needs glow plug replacement and you do not have any, it can be very disappointing. Because of their intensive use, glow plugs easily get damaged and require replacement.

Therefore, you should always get some glow plugs and store together with other tools.

4. Fuel

Without fuel, your RC cannot go anywhere. Today, there are special fuels for RC cars that are recommended by manufacturers. Make sure to fill the tank and also carry some extra in case you need to refuel in the field. Besides sides, you should also include a filler bottle to avoid spilling when refuelling.

5. Air filter oil

The performance of any internal combustion engine such as your RC car depends on the quality of petrol air mixture.

By treating your RC car’s air filter with the right oil, it will ensure that no dirt or dust gets into the engine. Make sure to check the right oil and have enough for the car at all times.

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