10 different Remote Control Vehicles You Can Buy

Auto racing is no doubt one of the most expensive events on the planet. From acquiring the best cars, preparing them, and track charges, the cost can be too much and even lock out some people.

However, Remote Control vehicle racing has become very popular as more people enjoy the effortless competition and its unique thrill. To participate in this unique racing, here are some of the top 10 different remote control vehicles you can buy.

  • Traxxas Rally VX

This RC car is considered the best because of its top speed on the track. While it is designed to race at 30 mph, you can include some modifications to hit 50mph. In addition, the car can make unique drifts and easily tackle stunt to give the owner extra thrill.

  • Freakishly Accurate Lego Porsche

This RC car is designed to resemble the 1971 famous Porsche. Notably, most of the parts give it a perfect resemblance to the Porsche, and racing enthusiasts really love it.

The car comes with a 7 speed gear and reverse gearbox. It features a steering wheel that can tilt up to 22 degrees and adjustable spoilers to maintain top speed even in rough terrain.

Other features of this car include disc brakes, unibody chassis and 40/60 axle load splitting capability.

  • The Traxxas Nitro 4-tech 3.3

This RC car has a very strong engine that delivers up to 70 mph that makes it among the fastest in the market today. Its body is built from durable yet light weight material.

Many people love the sporty outlook that helps it dash on the track with less resistance.

  • HPI Racing Firestorm 10T Nitro Truck

This is one of the best 2WD racing trucks for off-road driving. It is designed with a very powerful engine and strong body that makes it easy to move through the roughest part of the field.

The front part does not have a bumper to prevent it from getting stuck in case the road features big obstructions.

  • Kyosho lazer zx5

This is a unique buggy that you should consider investing because it is easy to personalize and can move through any terrain.

Though it is designed as a buggy, it has a very powerful engine to cruise at top speed both in smooth and rough terrains.

  • Team Associated Nitro TC3

If you want to win the RC car’s race, one of the best cars is the team associated nitro TC3. The car is sturdy, has a large engine and can be tuned easily depending on the truck ahead. It is the world fastest RC car at 134.4 mph.

  • The HPI Racing Baja

This car was designed to be very fast and is fitted with strong shocks to withstand rough terrains such potholes and rocks.

Whether you are racing on smooth tracks or want to conquer the rough terrain, this is one car that will not disappoint. Unlike other electric models, the Baja runs on Gasoline.

  • Traxxass Jato

This car is often referred as the best because it is carefully designed in all aspects. The body is sturdily built, and the engine is very powerful to outdo competitors at top speed.

It is ideal for both track and off-road racing.

  • Maistro’s Rock crawler extreme

Though this truck is not the fastest in the market, it is in a class of its own when it comes to handling the extremely difficult terrain. It has broad wheels and very strong shock absorbers that make it conquer even the rockiest terrain.

  • The Red Cat Racing Volcano

As the name suggests, this RC car is built to conquer every terrain. It has broad wheels, is 4-wheel designed, and features additional shock absorbers that make rough terrain very easy to conquer.

While particularly build for rough terrain, the car is equally fast on a smooth road.

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